Enlisted Personnel Management Division (EPMD) Assignment Process Survey

SURVEY SCALE: 1 – Strongly Agree, 2 – Agree, 3 – Disagree, 4 – Strongly Disagree

HRC values your feedback on the assignment process and on how well our assignment managers work with you when you contact them. Additional comments can be emailed to the address location at the bottom of the survey.

Assignment Mgmt

1. My MOS is:
2. My Rank is:
3. My Assignments Branch (my Assignments Manager and/or Professional Development NCO) was competent, compassionate, and professional from initial notification to being placed on assignment.
4. My Assignments Branch explained the reason for my assignment (i.e. Army Readiness, Leader Development, Broadening Opportunities, TOE vs. TDA, etc.).
5. My Assignment was equitable (comparable with other Soldiers in my grade and MOS).
6. My Assignment was selected from my preferences in the Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK).
7. My Assignments Branch always responds to my email and/or phone message within (3) business days.
8. If HRC traveled to my home station, I would attend an Assignments Branch Brief to learn more about the assignments process and career opportunities.
9. Please annotate any positive/negative comments, considerations, and/or suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback.

Additional comments on the survey are welcome at: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-psa-branch@mail.mil